Where did the name “speakeasy” come from?

Speakeasies received their name as patrons were often told to “speak easy” about these secret bars in public..
Speakeasies received their name from police officers who had trouble locating the bars due to the fact that people tended to speak quietly while inside the bars.
Speakeasies received their name from bartenders who requested that patrons “speak easy” while inside the bars.

What is the name of the Act that established Prohibition in the U.S.?

The Dry Act
The Volstead Act
The Temperance Act

Dive bars have been around for a while—even dating back to Prohibition. What were two names given to low-end drinking establishments back then?

“Blind Pig” and “Blind Tiger”
“Bathtub boozehouse” and “Monkey’s shoulder”
“It won’t kill ya” and “Blind moonshine”

Speakeasies of the era still stand today. True or false?


Cocktails were created during Prohibition for what reason?

They were created as a way to mask the unpleasant flavors of homemade booze.
They were created in order to trick dry-supporters into not realizing that people were drinking liquor.
They were created as a way to use an excess of mixing ingredients available in the U.S. at the time, including fruit juices.

True or false: The 18th Amendment (Prohibition) forbade the consumption of alcohol.

True, it prohibited the consumption, manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol.
False, it only prohibited the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol.

Jazz music pre-dated Prohibition, but where did it begin to flourish?

Speakeasies in Chicago and New York created an underground nightclub culture where jazz fit the mood.
Bars that were now illegal needed to transform themselves into music houses, so jazz became the go-to.
After “The Great Gatsby” was published, wealthy homes began hosting jazz parties and that is how jazz became popular.

At the height of Prohibition in the late 1920s, how many speakeasies are believed to exist in New York alone?


The popularity of Italian cuisine increased during Prohibition due to what?

Italian food was heavy enough to help with symptoms of drunkenness.
Italian-American speakeasy owners served Italian food in their bars, paired with wine.
Italian food simply tasted the best when drinking booze of the era.

Name the two most popular speakeasies in New York City.

The Cotton Club and the Stork Club
21 Club and The Cotton Club
The Blind Tiger and Chumley’s

What prompted speakeasies with restaurants to begin offering table service?

Service was more efficient and food arrived at the tables faster and hotter.
Women were uncomfortable sitting at a bar.
Speakeasies were able to serve more customers.
Table service began when floor shows were added to speakeasies.