From 1917 to 1922, by how many quarts did liquor transportation increase in the Bahamas?

From 500,000 quarts in 1917 to 1,000,000 quarts in 1922
From 5,000 quarts in 1917 to 500,000 quarts in 1922
From 50,000 quarts in 1917 to 10,000,000 quarts in 1922

America’s East Coast and New Orleans received shipments of alcohol from Nassau in the Bahamas and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Name the country and type of alcohol involved in this scheme.

Italy and wine
England and port
Great Britain and whiskey
Germany and beer

The Purple Gang used speed boats to run liquor from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit – often hijacking the loads of their competitors – on what body of water?

Lake Huron
Ottawa River
Lake Erie
Detroit River

What do you call the organized smuggling of imported whiskey, rum and other liquor by sea and over land to the United States:

Rum running

Which was NOT a hiding place used by individual bootleggers when transporting booze via automobile to Seattle?

Fake gas tanks
False floorboards with felt padding
False bumpers

What was the slang name for hoodlums, using speed boats and armed with pistols and Thompson machines guns , who hijacked ships, stole cargos and cash, and at times, killed rum runners’ crews, sinking their ships.

“Hooch Hijackers”
“Go-through guys”
“Bathtub Ginners”

How many ships and crew did the federal government employ to enforce Prohibition?

36 World War I naval ships and 11,000 officers and crew.
12 World War I naval ships and 5,000 officers and crew.
5 World War I naval ships and 2,000 officers and crew.

The popular stretch of ocean for liquor-selling boats that ran from New York to Atlantic City was called what?

Booze byway
Rum row
Alcohol alley