What is bootlegging?

The act of illegally making liquor to sell or use
The act of transporting liquor to either sell or use
The act of both illegally making and then transporting liquor to either sell or use

Although Prohibition was repealed in 1933, how many states still have counties that forbid the sale of alcohol?


Approximately how many Americans per year are suspected of having died during Prohibition due to drinking tainted liquor?


What were supporters of Prohibition known as?

“Party Poopers”
“Carrie’s Ladies”
“Temperance Teetotalers”

This group of 10 law enforcement agents were charged with enforcing Prohibition and combating organized crime. What nickname were they given?

Federal Bureau of Intelligence
The Booze Busters
U.S. Department of Justice
The Untouchables

Which state openly never enforced Prohibition?


What was the social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages?

Just Say No
Alcoholism Awareness
Temperance Movement

Which Amendment repealed Prohibition in the U.S.?

The 19th
The 21st
The 22nd

Which U.S. city did the Purple Gang operate out of?

Detroit, Michigan
Chicago, IL
New York, New York
Kansas City, Missouri

In 1930, what was the total estimated revenue made from smuggling liquor into the United States?

$1 billion
$2 billion
$3 billion

Which state was the last to repeal Prohibition state-wide?


This female rumrunner was known as “Queen of the Bootleggers” and “The Bahama Queen”

Elizebeth Friedman
Gertrude Lythgoe
Mabel Willebrandt
Carrie Nation

Which chain store flourished during Prohibition due to alcohol being permitted as a medical prescription? It’s said sales from this store grew from 20 to more than 500 locations during the 1920s.

Rite Aid
Raley’s pharmacy

Bootleggers often enhanced the engines of their getaway cars to escape law enforcement, and these vehicles were later raced against each other. True or false?


Which was NOT a hiding place used by individual bootleggers when transporting booze via automobile to Seattle?

Fake gas tanks
False floorboards with felt padding
False bumpers