ABC member state; local option; may have special elections for Sunday sales; state manages private vendor stores (“Control Liquor Agencies”) for wholesale distribution and retail sale of all liquor with 21 percent or more alcohol by volume; state allows up to 5 liquor stores/agencies per county; state’s sole wholesale operation is run by nonprofit JobsOhio Beverage System; state choses and sets prices for liquor provided to retailers by JobsOhio; more than 24,000 private manufacturers, distributors and retailers are licensed by the state; retailers also sell beer, wine and other low-alcohol products; state law reads, “Beer, regardless of the per cent of alcohol by volume, is not intoxicating liquor..”


State law: “Beer, regardless of the percentage of alcohol by volume, is not intoxicating liquor for purposes of the revised code or any rules adopted under it.”

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