No limits on days, hours of sale; one “dry” jurisdiction (town of Panaca); state permits local governments to issue liquor licenses; excise tax of $3.60 levied per gallon of liquor of 22 percent alcohol or more by volume; then 70 cents a gallon down to 14 percent alcohol, 16 cents/gallon for beer; sellers of 22 percent or more liquor exempt from taxes if vendor had to pay $10.50 a gallon in federal taxes; liquor sold on U.S. military bases, exchanges exempt from state excise tax; wineries selling wine with less than 25 percent of its fermented fruit grown in Nevada are limited to selling 1,000 cases a year and may not sell wines from other wineries; craft distillers may make up to 40,000 cases of spirits for export and retail sales on- and off-premises a year; samples of craft distiller spirits offered to customers limited to 4 ounces each; brew pubs may manufacture to 15,000 barrels of beer a year and sell to retail outlets.

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