Local option; as of 2016, there were 39 wet counties, 28 dry counties, 2 moist (with one or more wet cities) counties, 1 wet/moist (some restriction on liquor, such drinks allowed only at restaurants but no retail sales) county, and 50 dry counties with wet/moist cities or precincts; grocery stores selling sell wine or liquor required to provide separate entrance to get to liquor section; liquor sales not permitted on primary or general election days buy allowed for special elections; an 18-year-old may buy beer if accompanied by someone at least 20 years old; while Kentucky is strict about alcohol, it is the source of 95 percent of the world’s bourbon.


A licensee who obtains a “sampling license” may dole out one free sample of alcohol per person per day — up to one ounce of distilled spirits, six ounces of wine but no free beer samples are permitted. Also, licensed owners of commercial quadricycle businesses – four-wheeled cycles carrying at least 13 people for touring purposes — may allow customers to bring unopened packages of alcoholic beverages and drink them if they are poured into “non-descriptive plastic cups after boarding and riding the quadricycle.”

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